“The Mission Changes Lives”

“When I tried meth, I loved it, and I knew I was in trouble,” Bob says. “It was downhill from there.”

Bob started using when he was 31 and, for the next 12 years, worked long hours to support his meth addiction, neglecting his relationships. He was working construction in North Carolina when his relationship with his girlfriend fell apart and he caught a bus to Evansville.


“I came here to stay with a friend, but I got off the bus at 1:30 in the morning and he wasn’t there to pick me up,” Bob says. “I called him and he had changed his mind.”


Bob planned to catch another bus back to North Carolina later that morning but, when the local police told him about your Evansville Rescue Mission, he decided to stop in. “I was tired and high on meth. I came here just to get a shower and turn around and leave. But I started talking to staff… and I’m still here,” he says.


Bob entered our P.A.C.E.S. (Purpose, Accountability, Christ, Education, Service) Program and, over the last six months, he’s built an authentic relationship with Christ. “I got baptized before I came here, but I never really gave myself to the Lord,” he says. “Now I know I’m going to heaven.”


Bob was one of three individuals to graduate from our P.A.C.E.S. program this month. He’s still here at the Mission but is beginning the process of becoming independent.


“I’ve done a lot of bad things and really hurt people in my life, but this place has truly helped me,” he says. “Now I just want to help other people.”


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