Planned Giving

Leave a legacy of generosity for years to come.

We can help you do that! Here are some basic ideas about how to partner with your Evansville Rescue Mission’s vision to see every man, woman, and child in our Tri-State area be productive citizens who enjoy lasting success in Christ.
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Two of the most popular planned giving vehicles are bequests and charitable gift annuities.

Here’s a short summary as to how both of these planned giving options could benefit you as a donor:


Your goal: Defer a personal gift until after your passing
Result: Put a bequest in your will. In other words, donate to your local Mission either in cash, specific property, or with a share of the residue of your estate
Benefit to you: Your donation is fully tax-exempt from federal estate tax


Your goal: Receive guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax-free
Result: Create a charitable gift annuity
Potential benefits to you: Current and future savings on income taxes, plus fixed, stable payments


• Gifts of retirement assets • Charitable lead trusts • Deferred charitable gift annuities • Charitable remainder trusts • Gifts of life insurance • Gifts of real estate • Bargain sale • Donor Advised Funds

We’d be honored for an opportunity to talk with you and to work with your professional advisors as you contemplate planned giving options.

If you’d like to make a planned gift to the ministries of your Evansville Rescue Mission, or you would like more information about planned giving, please contact:
Victoria Flaherty, ERM’s Director of Donor Relations
(812) 962-6708 |

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