Partnerships With Organizations & Businesses Help Build A Healthier, Stronger Community

Our Community Partners Provide The Fuel That Powers Our Ministry

Thanks to the generous financial gifts from these organizations and businesses, ERM is able to meet our operating costs – and fund special events and other special needs here at your Mission.

In short, our Community Partners are the backbone of our work in the community! We’re blessed to have the support of many dedicated partners in the Tri-State who have given to support our ministry – and we’re so grateful for their extraordinary caring and compassion.

We’d love your organization
or business to join us!

If you’re interested in becoming an ERM Community Partner, please see the contact info below. You’ll have the joy of knowing your organization is on the front lines of helping the most vulnerable in our community.
It really is an amazing way to give back to your community! Call today and learn more or sign up!
We rely on our community partners for a number of things, the most important being:

In-Kind Donations

It saves the ERM tens of thousands of dollars throughout the year by partnering with businesses and getting donations from them on a regular basis.

‘First Dibs’

This is when we are in need of a certain product or produce. Our community partners get the first call, before we solicit on social media and news outlets.

To learn more about becoming a Community Partner with your Mission, please contact:

Taylor Humphrey, Community Engagement Coordinator
(812) 962-6702 |

Your gift changes lives!

Give now to provide life-changing care that helps men, women, and children in the Tri-State overcome hardship and find new life through Christ’s love.