Stories Of Hope

Meet Kevin

“At the Mission, God changed me.” Kevin was working as an electrician when his ladder broke. His spine was severely damaged from the fall, leading to nearly a dozen surgeries and countless pain pills. “In my mind, it wasn’t a big deal because the doctor had written prescriptions,” Kevin says.

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Meet John

“Now I know He is always there for me. God is my everything.” “The Mission helped me draw closer to God.” John felt like he was losing everything he’d always held dear. “My wife divorced me, I lost my job, my brother passed away… my life fell apart.” The grief

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Meet Mike

“Now I know He is always there for me. God is my everything.” “I had exhausted all my friends and family, and alienated myself from everything,” Mike says. Mike started drinking as a teenager to cope with the abuse he experienced at a young age. “I had a lot of things

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Meet Bill

“No matter what you do, God doesn’t give up on you.” Bill grew up in a dysfunctional family, and he thought that was how love should be. “I decided no woman was going to treat me the way my mom treated my dad. I had trouble with women because I

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