A God-Sized Challenge

At five years old, Harold was abandoned in a grocery store. “My mother told the cashier she’d left her money in the car and went to get it… She never came back.” He’d often been told he was worthless, but his mother’s decision spoke – and hurt – even louder than her words.

Ending up in foster care, Harold often moved from family to family. One foster parent abused him, adding to the painful memories already haunting him.

Though he graduated high school and worked for 11 years, his deep emotional wounds became life-threatening, as he struggled with self-harm and thoughts of suicide.

Sometimes, Harold tried drugs and alcohol to escape. Other times, he turned to God. “I’d sit at the park and talk to God, hoping He’d take me out of this pain.”

While living in Texas, Harold had a life-changing dream. “I was in a different city,” he remembers. “I decided to trust Jesus, following the map in my dream.” So Harold took a map and closed his eyes. He’d go wherever his finger landed… and he landed on Evansville.

His niece sent him a bus ticket – making his dream possible. But unsure where to stay when he arrived in town, Harold slept his first three nights on a bench until a kind stranger woke him and guided him to your Mission.

In our care, Harold received meals and shelter he needed. He joined our long-term P.A.C.E.S (Purpose, Accountability, Christ, Education, Service) program for help to heal those wounds of the past – feelings of being unloved and unwanted. He’s found support through our Bible studies, work therapy, and life-skills classes. Having recently graduated our program, he now plans to find a home of his own.

Harold appreciates the close friendships and acceptance of our loving staff who speak encouraging truths louder than the hurtful lies he heard in the past.

Because of your generous support, men, like Harold, are facing their challenges and being transformed by God’s love here at your Mission. “When I needed someone to talk to, the Mission absolutely listened. They’ve been there to help.”

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