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With a new year comes new needs!

Other individuals in our Tri-State area continue to be hungry… homeless… desperate for a hot meal, a safe bed, and a helping hand to get back on their feet.

With you by our side, our struggling neighbors will have a brighter, more hopeful 2024! You can start today by providing hot meals for people in need. Each meal is just $2.93 and opens the door to life-changing services like counseling, classes, and job training.

One last thing: You can make a greater impact with a recurring monthly gift! Your support each month of 2024 will transform even more lives in our community – like Lawrence…

Thank you for giving hope
“I see God here in the people at the Mission. Thanks to the Mission’s help, now I have a place of my own. I have new friends. My life is back on track.”
– Lawrence, a guest at your Evansville Rescue Mission

Your support is so important as we enter this new year. Please… give a special gift now to help more homeless, hurting neighbors like Lawrence in 2024 – and beyond.

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Make your gift monthly and help transform lives all year!

Your gift changes lives!

Give now to provide life-changing care that helps men, women, and children in the Tri-State overcome hardship and find new life through Christ’s love.