Meet Tommie

The best Christmas gift there is – Tommie has joy and new life, thanks to you!

“I needed a chance to start over…”

“Wax on, wax off, that’s what my mom taught us,” says Tommie, a guest at your Evansville Rescue Mission. He’s responsible for leading the cleaning crew here. “Make everything clean, so when someone visits here, they see everything is spotless. It’s a challenge, but I want my name to stand out here. This is God’s house.”

Tommie was born and raised in government housing, or what he calls “the projects.” But while he grew up in poverty, he grew up rich as well.

“I had a great father figure and my mom was the best mother on earth,” he says. “She raised us in church and she taught us Christian morals and principles, and how to be responsible Christian adults.”

Yet, Tommie’s had his ups and downs in life. He’s seen his share of struggles. Before coming to your Evansville Rescue Mission, he was hanging with the “wrong crowd,” and he got into a bad relationship. When the relationship ended, he was homeless and came to your Mission.

“Another thing my mom taught me was to never make excuses,” he says. “I needed a chance to start over. My mom is deceased now, but I want to make her proud.”

Tommie hit the ground running and devoted himself to growing closer to Jesus, to healing his wounds, to honor the opportunity he’s been given, and to always be grateful.

“Since coming to Evansville Rescue Mission, I’ve got my foundations straight again,” he says. “I have a job now, and I’m working hard to the best of my ability. I’m trying to save enough money to start my own lawn care service. Even though I was homeless, I wanted to show people what I can do with my life. I believe your dreams will come true if you just think and stay focused and humble.

“I’m thankful that Evansville Rescue Mission and all the donors gave me this chance to prove I could make it in life.”

“Even though I’m homeless, I want to show people what I can do with my life.”

Tommie is excited to celebrate the restored hope he has been given this Christmas – and wants YOU to know just how grateful he is. “Thank you for helping me to grow and make this change in my life.”

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