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Jordan Holmes - Fall NewsletterA Heart of Thanksgiving: 
Jordan wants to share how your support changed his life!

“I had one more chance…”

I was born and raised in Evansville, and I had a good childhood. In fact, I think my dad was the best dad you could ever have. He was a great man. But when my parents divorced when I was 15, I took it pretty hard. Worse, I no longer got the guidance I needed.

I started getting high to mask my pain. Then I got involved with a girl and we had a son. But when we split up, she took him from me. I felt so ashamed, my drug use grew out of control, and I started going to jail and prison.

When I wasn’t in jail, I was often homeless. I used to come to the Evansville Rescue Mission to eat and sleep sometimes. But I had no interest in staying or changing my life.

“I learned so much about Jesus and what He wants for my life.”

That all changed when I got out of prison last year. I looked at all my friends and nothing had changed. They were as lost as I was. They were all spinning in circles, going nowhere. I had to make a decision. Go back to my old life or change. I decided to surrender my life to God and came here to the Mission on November 3.

I immediately felt welcomed, and I knew the people here genuinely cared. The structure was exactly what I needed to get my life back on track. I immediately connected with Pastor Nate and I learned so much about Jesus and what He wants for my life. I really believe that God sent Pastor Nate here just for me.

What I’ve learned here has made me want to give back and serve others. I especially want to get back in touch with my son and invest in him, the way my own dad did when I was young.

Thank you for supporting the Evansville Rescue Mission and for changing my life.

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