Meet Kevin

“At the Mission, God changed me.”


Kevin was working as an electrician when his ladder broke. His spine was severely damaged from the fall, leading to nearly a dozen surgeries and countless pain pills.

“In my mind, it wasn’t a big deal because the doctor had written prescriptions,” Kevin says. “But for years, when I tried to stop using the pills, it overwhelmed me every time.”

Kevin’s drug use led to problems keeping a job and maintaining relationships.

“After a while, the drugs rewire your brain completely. I wasn’t very nice when I was addicted, so when my marriages failed, it was all my fault. I was mean and aggressive to people I loved.”

Even though Kevin finally got clean after his second divorce, he says, “There was still something missing in my life.” That’s when he heard about your ERM’s P.A.C.E.S. long-term restoration program.

The day he came to your Evansville Rescue Mission, everything changed for Kevin. 

“Religion was never at the top of my list,” he says, smiling. “But the Mission helped me understand it’s accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior that’s important.”

“It’s what’s in your heart, how you treat people, and accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior that’s important in this world.” 

In his second month at your Mission, Kevin accepted Jesus into his heart. The peace he felt was immediate.

“God changed me and showed me there’s more to life than material things. Now I know every decision I make has to be interwoven with Christ in there.”

As his body recovered from drug use, the routine of classes and daily Bible study here at your Mission has helped Kevin start healing emotionally too, and given him hope for the future. He now works in our Youth Care Center in security and hopes to find a place of his own after graduation.

Kevin had been disowned by his family for the mistakes he made while struggling with addiction, but he prays for reconciliation one day. He knows that all things are possible through Christ.

Because you gave from your heart to help Kevin, his life has been changed by your goodness and God’s love forever! “I’ve started to heal emotionally, and it’s going to be an ongoing process the rest of my life. Now I ask, what would Jesus do?”

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