Meet James

“I was lost and feeling pretty low.”


While James was in the hospital having heart surgery, his girlfriend took off with their clothes, furniture… everything. He was left without a relationship, home, and job all at once. He was devastated by her betrayal and abandonment.

“She moved off to another state and I was stuck with nowhere to go,” he says. “It all came crashing down at once.”

James stayed in a hotel for a while until his savings dried up. Out of money and options, he remembered a friend who had stayed at your Mission and decided to see if there was room for him. “I was just wanting a place to stay and get back on my feet.”

The day he walked into your Evansville Rescue Mission, everything changed for James.

“When I got to the Mission, I didn’t really have anything, but they helped me out,” he says, smiling. “It’s an absolutely wonderful place.”

James felt such a warm welcome and outpouring of love in our care that he decided to enter our P.A.C.E.S. long-term restoration program. The classes and Bible studies reawakened his faith and renewed his spirit.

“The teachers are great. They explain things so it makes sense and I learned a lot. It really brought me closer to God.”

Today, James works full-time at your Mission and is thankful for his job. He plans to stay on after graduation to continue to grow in the Lord and fellowship with other guests and staff.

“I can see myself finishing out my working years at the Mission. It’s a good place to work and be around for anybody that needs help.”

This Thanksgiving season – and all through the year – your kind generosity fills hearts with hope and gratitude… and transforms lives through God’s love!

“I have three little grand-babies that I’d like to see grow up, and the Mission got me back to where I want to be. I get up every day feeling good.”

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