Meet Daniel

“At the Mission, I had people who were watching out for me.” 


Daniel was excited about retiring after years of hard work that had taken a toll on his mind and body. But during his first year, he started having health issues.

“I hadn’t been feeling well, and hadn’t seen a doctor in years. It started as pneumonia… then issues with my blood pressure and blood sugar… then PTSD, possibly from my time in the military.”

Without any income, it was hard to cover medical bills and rent. Daniel was visiting a VA clinic near your Mission when he decided to come here to recover.

“I had been to the Mission some 20-odd years before, and used to send money to their donation letters. I knew they would help somebody like me, who didn’t really have anything.”

When he came back to your Evansville Rescue Mission, Daniel found a safe haven.

“They get people off the streets and give you meals and clothing,” he says, smiling. “It’s incredible how I’ve been able to recover mentally and physically.”

In our care, Daniel was able to get the rest and support he needed. As he began to grow stronger in our long-term recovery program, he found peace learning about God.

“Now I can recognize problems that Christianity warns us about, and methods they teach about staying away from trouble.”

Daniel is taking online courses and hopes to get his bachelor’s degree as a paralegal, though health challenges have slowed his progress. But he has faith that he will find a job and place to live when the time is right.

“I used to see work as a four-letter word… over the years, work deteriorated a lot of things about me. But slowly I’m regaining strength. I’m in good shape.”

Daniel is beyond grateful for this second chance in life – and says it’s thanks to the love you’ve shown for a neighbor like him. “I can tell I’m well and 100% better than I was when I walked in the door more than a year ago. Thank you!”

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