Meet Bill

“No matter what you do, God doesn’t give up on you.”


Bill grew up in a dysfunctional family, and he thought that was how love should be.

“I decided no woman was going to treat me the way my mom treated my dad. I had trouble with women because I put up the defense mode… I wasn’t going to let anybody into my circle.”

Bill thought he was doing just fine until he underwent open heart surgery. He became addicted to pain pills during his recovery, and his life went into a downward spiral for the next two years. His addiction destroyed his relationship with the woman he loved, burned bridges with family members, and caused him to lose everything – including his home.

Then Bill came to your Evansville Rescue Mission, and God healed his heart and his life.

“At the Mission, I got hope and faith back. I learned God never walks away; a person walks away from Him. But He still loves you and forgives. Now that I’m in God’s hands, things are working.”

Bill entered your ERM’s P.A.C.E.S. (Purpose, Accountability, Christ, Education, Service) long-term residential program, and he grew stronger in faith through Bible-based classes.

“I grew and got my faith back through chapels and hearing the different speakers. They showed me how to be independent, how to save money, and how to budget my life. I just opened my heart and let God fill it with the right stuff.” Today, Bill has graduated from the program and lives in our transitional housing while he works on staff as the building manager and head of housekeeping at your Mission. He is reconciling with family members and grateful for each new day.

“I looked up to the sky and said, ‘Boss man, my way ain’t working. I’m putting my life in your hands.’”

Because of your generosity, Bill’s heart has been filled with thanksgiving… and God’s love! “The Mission saved my life. I beat my addictions and now I see a future ahead of me. God guides you and sets a path for you, then it’s up to you to follow it.”

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