Meet Andrew

“I was driven by God to get here.”


At age 42, Andrew retired from a senior position with a major corporation, thinking the change was what he needed to overcome his addiction to alcohol.

“But it didn’t work out as planned,” he says. After several years of cycling between sobriety and relapse – in and out of recovery centers, therapy, and counseling – he hit rock bottom. His marriage ended… his funds ran out… and he was evicted.

On the verge of homelessness, he came to your Mission, seeking simply the essentials of food and shelter. “Then I found out there’s an amazing discipleship program going on here,” he says. “It is Christian-based!” Because his faith has always been important, and his service to God paramount, he believes the Lord led him to our doors.

“I think God put this in my life for a very purposeful reason that I’ll figure out as I’m patient and listen to him.”

Andrew joined your ERM’s P.A.C.E.S. program, which focuses on Purpose, Accountability, Christ, Education, and Service, and is encouraged by those around him. “I’m watching men reach out to God and their language is changing, they’re intent on bettering themselves and growing, and that’s humbling to see.” As he follows in their footsteps, he’s finding the strength he needs to hold himself accountable and triumph over addiction.

Fulfilling the service component of the program, Andrew operates the front desk, answering the phone and helping new residents settle in. “I’m there to serve people in any way I can,” he says, knowing his actions may lead others to the Lord as well.

Andrew is grateful for this opportunity to get closer to God and plans to continue serving Him when he leaves our care. “I firmly believe I’m being given lessons, being taught and being humbled, and my ego’s being wiped away. I’m going to be able to do something far greater for Him than run companies.”

It’s going to be a holiday season filled with joy for Andrew – and he is so grateful to you for this wonderful gift of a new beginning. “I am hopeful. I am at peace and have optimism that I didn’t have before of being able to get my disease under control and reshape my life.”

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