Your Evansville Rescue Mission’s President/CEO, Tracy Gorman, Is Appointed Vice-President of Association of Gospel Rescue Mission’s Great Lakes District

Reverend Tracy L. Gorman, who has served as your Evansville Rescue Mission’s President/Chief Executive Officer since October of 2008, has been appointed to take on the role of Vice-President of the Association of Gospel Rescue Mission’s (AGRM) Great Lakes District.

Nearly 300 Rescue Missions (including your Evansville Rescue Mission) throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad are members of the AGRM, which serves as an invaluable networking resource for governance, policy, operations, programming, financial controls, fund raising, and public relations in order to better assist Rescue Missions as Missions daily serve our communities’ homeless and less fortunate.

Previously serving as Treasurer for AGRM’s Great Lakes District, Tracy now serves as Vice-President for the aforementioned District comprised of 80 member Missions, located within the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Rev. Tracy L. Gorman states, “I will assist our approximately 80 member Missions by offering coaching, counsel, resourcing, and encouragement to member Mission leaders. As is custom, it will be my goal to visit each of the member Missions during my term, and I look forward to that journey.”

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