Faithful Friends Club

Dear Friends,
To continue to make sure that every penny you donate does the greatest amount of good, I would like you to consider becoming a member of your Evansville Rescue Mission’s Faithful Friends Club.

Your commitment to make a gift automatically from your checking/savings account or credit card has many benefits. First, you have complete control over your gifts, giving exactly what you want and spreading it out over the year.


Giving automatically not only saves ERM staff time (and paper), it also reduces our costs so that more of your donation can be used to provide food and shelter for our Tri-State’s less fortunate.


Here are just a few examples of the life-saving, life-changing care your Faithful Friends Club gift can provide:


  • $20.51 — to feed and care for seven individuals this fall
  • $52.74 — to provide 18 meals and the chance to share God’s love with our community’s homeless and impoverished
  • $76.18 — to lovingly serve 26 meals to men, women, and children dining at your Evansville Rescue Mission
Start My Monthly Gift Today!

Here, you can choose to give to your Evansville Rescue Mission on a recurring basis.


What will not change when you become a Faithful Friends Club member is our connection. I will continue to send you updates on the great work being done here at your local Mission and will tell you how you are changing lives each and every day through our quarterly newsletter.


Thank you again for all you do for our Tri-State’s hungry and homeless. May you continue to enjoy God’s blessing as we do His work together.



Tracy L. Gorman, President/CEO

Be A Part Of The Solution

Join your Evansville Rescue Mission in helping the less fortunate right here in the Tri-State. There are endless ways for you to give back. Find one that works for you and join the ERM family today!