Employment Opportunities

Evansville Rescue Mission is a non-denominational, Christian social service organization dedicated to meeting basic needs and sharing the love of Christ with our Tri-State’s homeless, at-risk youth, and impoverished families.

Each of our staff members and Board Directors obediently adhere to Evansville Rescue Mission’s statement of faith as a condition of employment and volunteerism.


ERM endorses and follows an equal employment opportunity policy that recruits, hires, trains, and promotes individuals in all job titles without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, age, or physical or mental disability (except where the disability prevents the individual from being able to perform the essential functions of a given job and cannot be reasonably accommodated in full compliance with the law).


Please reference and complete our employment application form by clicking here.


If you have any questions, please either call ERM at 812.421.3800 or e-mail us at info@ermstaff.org.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of ERM’s family!

Here is a listing of employment opportunities through ERM’s ministry divisions:


Kitchen Manager

The kitchen manager is responsible for the overall operations of the Men’s Residence Center kitchen area of the Evansville Rescue Mission. This individual will work in a teaching environment, training work therapy participants and volunteers, purchase food and stock and making sure everyone is trained on proper food preparation and kitchen safety techniques. In addition, the kitchen manager will ensure that the ministries standards are upheld: the food looks good and is cooked properly, the proportions are correct, and it is cooked and served quickly. They will also make sure that the kitchen is properly cleaned on a regular schedule, food is disposed of properly and the kitchen meets all sanitary standards.


Our kitchen manager needs to be creative by keeping tabs on food cost and utilizing donations to make delicious meals doing their best to optimize our reputation for serving nutritious meals and create the best dining experience possible for the most vulnerable and hungry in the tri-state area.


Must be ServSafe and have some experience


In order to be considered you must visit our website at https://www.evansvillerescuemission.org/about-us/employment/

and fill out an online application. Or, you may stop by 500 E Walnut St to apply.


Camp Reveal:

No jobs are available at this time.


ERM Donation Center:

No jobs are available at this time.


ERM Thrift Stores:

No jobs are available at this time.


Residence Center:

Evening Shelter Coordinator

The Evansville Rescue Mission is hiring an Evening Shelter Coordinator for our Men’s Residence Center. This individual will be responsible for the operations of the shelter in the evening hours.

Sunday 2pm-11pm

Monday 2pm-11pm

Tuesday 2pm-11pm

Wednesday 2pm-11pm

Thursday 2pm-11pm

Off on Friday and Saturday

Specific Position Responsibilities

  • Perform intakes and departures that cannot be accomplished through the course of a normal “business” day.
  • Engage in evening announcements with helpful information for residents.
  • Supervise and delegate facility/property cleaning.
  • Provide for evening bed checks.
  • Assist in work detail assignments and scheduling.
  • Collection of paystubs from our working residents.
  • Be present at weekly case conference and LR meetings.
  • Assist in maintaining a spirit of hospitality and kindness for the MRC.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Resident Director
  • Perform and record drug testing of residents as assigned

Provide direct staff support and supervision:

  • Effectively assist in managing the Men’s Residence Center operations, client activities and overall programs to meet agency mission.
  • Assist the Resident Director in coaching, and developing our guests.
  • Maintain policy and procedure manual to ensure compliance, safety, organization and consistent procedures among staff and clients.
  • Meet with residents to answer questions, de-escalate situations, and settle grievances.
  • Assist in administration of Winter and Summer Contingency Programs.

Provide supportive leadership to staff, vendors, residents, and volunteers:

  • Ensure consistent and appropriate staffing and training for ministry support divisions.
  • Work with volunteers to ensure they are serving in the proper area and expectations are communicated. Defuse and de-escalate difficult situations involving clients and staff.
  • Assist Resident Director to maintain a professional culture that promotes teamwork and empathy for residents.

Ensure the effective operation of the Men’s Residence Center:

  • Assist in ensuring HMIS data are clean and accurate.
  • Maintain and manage to radio check-in/out log.
  • Perform intakes and departures that cannot be accomplished through the course of a normal “business” day.
  • Be present at weekly case conference and LR meetings.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Resident Director


Youth Care Center:

Behavior Technician

Currently seeking part-time and PRN Behavior Techs for a youth Department of Corrections Facility. Work in a Christ centered environment making a direct impact on troubled children and teenagers. You may email a resume to amanda.crowe@ermstaff.org, fill out an online application, or come to our Administrative Office at 500 E Walnut St to fill out an application.



The Evansville Rescue Mission offers a limited amount of unpaid internships for college students each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester.  Please read the information below and pray about working alongside our staff in serving the needy and homeless of the tri-state area.  If you wish to apply, please fill out the application by clicking the Internship Application link below.


Once all information is received, and the intern is accepted, it will be processed and sent to the appropriate Department Director for further review.  All Interns will need to submit to background checks and drug tests.


Internships may be available in the following areas:


Men’s Residence Center (Social Service Majors, Human Services, Criminal Justice)

Development (Business Administration, Non-Profit Management, Marketing, Videography, Writing, Communications)

Thrift Stores (Fashion Merchandising, Marketing)

Food Service (Culinary Arts)

*Camp Reveal (Business Administration, Early Childhood Development, Education, Social Work, Human Services)


*Summer Only


Deadlines: Fall: June 30th / Spring: November 30th / Summer: April 30th



Please allow up to 3-5 business days for initial processing.

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