Now that you see them… how will you help?

Women and children are the fastest-growing group of people experiencing homelessness.

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Watch: The Heart Behind Our Build

Hear the heartbreaking moment that led our CEO Tracy Gorman to build a better future for women and children.

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“Evansville Rescue Mission gave me a meal when I was hungry – and I’m grateful for that. But I wish you could offer me shelter too…”
“My daughter and I felt so safe and loved when they served us a meal at Evansville Rescue Mission. We didn’t want to go back out into the cold, but we couldn’t stay.”
“Every day I have the same worries. What will we eat? Where can we sleep? I just need a safe place where I can start turning things around for my son and me.”
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On any given night…

• 200+ women and children in Evansville and our Tri-State area have nowhere to call home.

• 40% of our county’s homeless population are women.

• 33% of those women are under age 18.

They need a home TONIGHT!

They need a home TONIGHT!

Help us create a safe space for them…

The Susan H. Snyder Center for Women and Children

Imagine a beautiful, safe space, where vulnerable women and children feel protected and loved as they recover. You can make it possible!

You can give shelter to the unseen, ignored women in our community, by helping build a 42,000+ square foot facility for them.

As the only facility of its kind in the Tri-State area, it will offer 120 women, and their children, the space to recover from homelessness, abuse, and other heartbreaking challenges in their lives.

Your gift today will open the doors of our new Women’s Center… and change lives FOREVER!

Give today to help raise the final $1 million!


Your support will help provide:

Safe and private living space. Women living below the poverty line can feel at home with their children and protected from harm.

Discipleship in our P.A.C.E.S. (Purpose, Accountability, Christ-centered, Education, and Service) programs. These courses will address the unique issues women face – including drug and alcohol addiction – that contribute to homelessness.

Daycare and child development resources. We will provide learning and social opportunities for women’s children to keep them on track for academic success.

Christ-centered counseling, job training opportunities, and life-skills classes. Learning financial planning, healthy living, and more will help prepare women for long-term success after Evansville Rescue Mission.

You help

We meet people where they are on their journey. Whatever they’re struggling with, our life recovery programs offer comprehensive care and hope for the future.

You help
critical needs

Recovery is only possible when a person’s immediate needs are met. Our Residence Center’s services include meals, emergency shelter, and 24/7 help desk assistance.

Empower real love, real faith, and real change for guests at Evansville Rescue Mission with a gift today.