Centennial Center

Following our centennial anniversary in 2017, Evansville Rescue Mission’s Board of Directors and Leadership team officially recognized the construction of ERM’s multi-purpose Centennial Center.

ERM’s Centennial Center, totaling 10,878 square feet, sits directly adjacent to Evansville Rescue Mission’s Residence Center serving three purposes: 1) to function as a day shelter space for homeless men, 2) to offer adequate space for community programming and services for our homeless guests and the general public, and 3) to provide transitional housing space; specifically, twenty private rooms, for graduates of Evansville Rescue Mission’s long-term program, named PACES, on the Centennial Center’s second floor.


Construction for ERM’s Centennial Center finalized in March of 2019.

“The new Centennial Center will be a tool that will enable us to assist many additional people from our community. For many years, we’ve worked to bring this vision to fruition, and now we’re able to move forward to extend the Evansville Rescue Mission’s outreach footprint into the Tri-State.”


-Tracy L. Gorman, Evansville Rescue Mission’s President/CEO



$1.6 million was raised to build ERM’s Centennial Center through private donations and grants, along with ERM’s endowment.  We would like to extend an extra special “Thank You!” to everyone who contributed to making this dream a reality.

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