“Not everybody is in a homeless situation for the exact same reasons.”

Jonathan was struggling to make a go of it, but nothing seemed to be going his way before he came to your Mission.

During his time in military service, many years before, Jonathan relied on alcohol to cope with the stress of military life and being away from loved ones. He says, “The harder things got, the more I didn’t want to deal with the responsibility. So I would start drinking more and that never helps anything.”

When he chose to continue drowning his pain in alcohol rather than reach out to his wife, his marriage ended. Then followed years of more bad decisions, lost jobs, and time spent in jail.

“Nothing I’ve done in my life is anybody’s fault but my own. I am where I am, good or bad, because of every decision I’ve made. But sometimes it just feels like when bad things start happening, you forget the good and the bad is just stacked up against you.”

Jonathan came to your Mission after completing a court-ordered rehab program and has been sober for five years. He graduated from your ERM’s P.A.C.E.S. (Purpose, Accountability, Christ, Education, and Service) Christ-centered program of healing and recovery, where he learned to turn to God and fellow Christians for help instead of alcohol.

After completing an internship at your Mission, Jonathan took a position as Head Cashier at your ERM’s Sycamore Street Thrift Store in Evansville. He is currently enrolled in classes to get his degree in counseling so he can help people who face similar challenges.

“This place has helped me foster respect and has increased my patience and compassion for others. One thing you can do is help organizations like the Mission, whose job it is to support everybody, regardless of why they’re in the situation they’re in.”

Jonathan is thankful for the path he’s on today, and for godly friends like you who helped make his recovery possible. Thank you for your continued generosity.

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